Thermic Fluid Heaters

Why Fulton

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    ASME Certified

    Certified by ASME being built to US standard

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    Generations of Trust

    Fulton is one of the largest boiler manufactures in the world with over 70 years of experience, in the design & manufacture of boiles.

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    InstallaTion, commissioning

    Being the authorized Fulton agent in Sri Lanka & Maldives, Alliance Engineering installs and commissions the Fulton thermal fluid heaters.

Fulton Thermic Fluid Heaters are designed and built per ASME Standard or BS Standard

Fulton thermal fluid heaters feature proven design that maintains high fluid velocities and low film temperatures which is immensely efficient. Fulton heaters require minimal floor space due to being skid mounted which includes expansion tank and circulating pump in addition to the heater and compact design. Whether to opt for a steam system or a thermal fluid system is determined by the temperature requirement of the particular process. If the temperature required by the process is below freezing point of water or above approximately 180 C thermal fluid system happens to be a better system while for processes that require temperatures between freezing pint of water and below 180C, steam is the preferable method.

Benefits of Thermal Fluid Systems

Possibility of Reaching High Operating Temperatures (up to 345°C) with Low System Pressure
No Corrosion or Freezing
Simple Circuit Minimum Maintenance
Fulton’s Combination Expansion/ Dearator/Thermal Buffer Tank Provides Pipework Simplification, Protection of Thermal Fluid from Oxidation and Continuous Dearation of Fluid
Manufactured to Customer Specifications
Skid-Mounted Option Available which minimize floor requirement

FT-C Vertical Coil Design

The Fulton FT-C Thermal Fluid Heater offers a compact, fuel fired, 4-pass heater design capable of operating temperatures up to 345°C. The heater is designed to allow for high fluid velocities and low film temperatures, which translates into system longevity. It is highly efficient and its ability to be skid-mounted means minimal floor space is required.

FT-HC Horizontal Coil Design

Opearating Temperatures to 345°C
Compact Horizontal 3-Pass Design
Modulating Gas, Oil or Dual Fuel Burners
Low Emission Gas Burners
Alternative Fuel Capabilities
Open Protocol Burner
Customised Controls Available
Skid-Mounted Option Available 

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Contact our Alliance Experts to get more information about Fulton thermal fluid heaters and see how Alliance fits with your needs. Alliance Engineering as Fulton's authorized agent in Sri Lanka and Maldives supplies, installs and commissions the thermal fluid heaters providing other ancillary equipment and offers after sales support, spare parts and annual servicing.

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