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Why Fulton

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    ASME Certified

    Certified by ASME being built to US standard

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    Generations of Trust

    Fulton is one of the largest boiler manufactures in the world with over 70 years of experience, in the design & manufacture of boiles.

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    Installation, commissioning

    Being the authorized Fulton agent in Sri Lanka & Maldives, Alliance Engineering installs and commissions Fulton steam boilers.

Three year warranty for boiler shell

Three year comphensive warranty for boiler shell which is the most significant part of boiler.

Fulton Steam Boilers

Fulton has long been a trusted manufacturer of Steam Boilers for many generations. Fulton boilers HFTE headquartered in New York, USA has been leading the industry with unique innovative designs that have proved to be extremely reliable and durable. Alliance Engineering as the authorized local agent of Fulton boilers HFTE in Sri Lanka and Maldives supplies, installs and commissions Fulton products providing after sales upport, spare parts and annual servicing.

Operating Principle

The Fulton horizontal boiler is a traditional three-pass, wet-back horizontal firetube boiler, with the option of a fully modulating burner. The term “wet back” is used as turnaround section where flue gas is directed to the second pass tubes is surrounded by water itself. First pass is the combustion chamber and 2nd and 3rd passes are tube bundles. In the last pass, flue gas is directed to third pass tubes from second pass tubes and finally exit via stack. Fulton boilers have a liberal steam release area, making it an ideal choice. It is highly efficient, safe, reliable, long-lasting and easily maintainable.

Fulton steam boiler sectional view

Wide range of boiler/burner integration

Fulton vertical steam boilers are available from 60 kg/hr to 2348 kg/hr. Fulton Horizontal boilers are available from 1 ton/hr to 25 ton/hr. While standard maximum working pressure is 1 MPa or 1.25MPa maximum working pressure is increased as per client requirements. Horizontal boiler models possess corrugated furnace, wet back design and are available in reverse flame, three pass or four pass which further enhances the efficiency. Fulton steam boilers feature seamless welded tubes thicker than competitors' which help durability. Fulton boilers are available in diesel (light oil), furnace oil (heavy oil), gas or dual fuel options.

Fulton Boilers

Four Pass Design for Optimum Efficiency

Four pass design boilers feature additional heating surface which maximizes the efficiency by further improving the heat transfer between flue gas and boiler water. Four pass boilers are available in FB-C/FB-D series.

Steam Boiler four pass design

High-End Powerful Boilers, Simplified

The FB Horizontal Steam Boiler has been designed to give superior performance, long life and low maintenance. There are many unique design features that make it one of the most efficient and durable boilers available:
Complete wet back design with high density insulation for very low heat loss.
Full modulation precisely matches the firing rate to varying load to minimize the on-off cycling of the burner.
Microprocessor based burner control, provides a high level of functional capability beyond those of conventional controls. The controls are capable of performing automatic burner sequencing, system status function, system or self-diagnostics and trouble shooting.
The large corrugated furnace increases the heat transfer area, reducing heat flux and enhancing boiler efficiency.
Corrugation also contributes to the boiler longevity by reducing the thermal stress associated with expansion and contraction. The low located combustion chamber provides an additional safety margin between the furnace and water level.
The high steam release area and large water volume, gives very dry steam and has the ability to cope with sudden load changes.
Dual internal water columns installed inside the pressure vessel provide accurate water level control and enhances operational safety.

High efficiency fully modulating burner

1. Full modulating burner with High turn-down ratio maintains boiler operation steady even in the low load
2. The turn-down ratios for gas-fired burner and oil-fired burner are 10:1 and 8:1 respectively.
3. Full modulating burner minimizes the boiler on-off cycle and pre-post purging, improves boiler efficiency.
4. Full modulating burner improves boiler efficiency by smooth control of burner firing rate while minimizing the boiler on-off cycle and pre-post purging.

Advanced Burner control system for safety and high efficiency

Fulton boilers feature burner control system with testing and diagnosing functions. Burner ignitions & operation are monitored by the burner programmer which also works with pressure control and water relay to ensure safety.

Burner control

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Contact our Alliance Experts to get more information about the Fulton steam boilers and see how Alliance fits with your needs. Alliance Engineering as Fulton's authorized agent in Sri Lanka and Maldives supplies, installs and commissions the steam boilers providing other ancillary equipment and offers after sales support, spare parts and annual servicing.

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