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Service Contracts

Alliance Engineering facilitates service contracts related to boilers, hot water generators, steam distribution systems, plumbing systems, water treatment plants etc. Annual overhaul would be carried out on days pre-agreed with client. For equipment we offer from our trusted and world's best brands, we offer over the top after sales support including service of equipment.

Opting for a service contract eliminates organizations' need to possess inhouse experts to carry out maintenance work and once requested Alliance's on call specialists would attend and solve the issue in quick time using genuine spare parts. This operation would cost less and quality of the work too would be immensely high.

Getting your valuable machines and equipment serviced by the authorized agent would help you stay away from counterfeit spares and ensure durability of equipment and machinery with long-lasting trouble-free operation.

Annual Contracts

Most of our client prefer to sign annual contracts with us that are renewed yearly. Most Annual Service contracts include annual comprehensive overhaul, quarterly or by yearly servicing of machinery as applicable and on call help being available should that be required.

Alliance personnel visit factory in case of breakdown or for any request of maintenance and do the needful.

Annual Service

Genuine spares, lubricantsn & tools

Genuine spares will always be used to ensure the durability of your machinery is improved. The correct tool for every machinery will be used to ensure equipment is maintained in good shape.

Where required training of operators is carried out to ensure equipment or machinery is operated as per manufacturer's standard.

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