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Operation & Maintenance

Alliance facilitates operation & Maintenance solutions where total operation of heat generation, boiler, waste water systems are handled by Alliance while also providing all necessary chemicals, lubricants, fuel where applicable and performing all necessary repairs. Our clients love the hassle-free experience and peace of mind to focus on their core business without worrying about technical systems.

Alliance undertakes operation & maintenance of heat generation systems, waste water treatment plants and other industrial systems. This enables client to cut down costs on having to keep a pool of skilled personnel for such and Alliance Engineers and mechanics will attend any maintenance work whether it's a preventive maintenance, routine maintenance or breakdowns keeping downtime to a minimum.

Servicing all equipment of plant or industrial system too would be carried out in required intervals as applicable to prolong plant time and enable smooth running of plant.


Technical Expertise

Alliance Engineering's skilled operators and staff will operate your plant or industrial system as your own employees under the guidance of seasoned Engineers. Alliance will help you operate and maintain plant or system in excellent condition.

Alliance facilitates training of your employees providing on the job training during O&M period to transfer the plant after operating the plant for a pre-agreed time.

Alliance guarantees usage of genuine spares and recommends using genuine spare parts to ensure long-lasting trouble-free operation. Also carrying out maintenance by personnel who are not specialized in said machinery will not only lead to the machines becoming less efficient while hindering performance but would also affect its safety. Also, Alliance recommends pre-planned preventive maintenance to minimize downtime.

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