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Elumigen’s dimmable LED lamps are made to survive harsh environments with extreme temperatures, moisture, impact and vibration consequently reducing labor costs and headache of having to go through frequent lamp changes in hard to reach tough applications.

Patented Beam Shaping Technology

Backed by beam shaping technology LED lamps provide the most pleasing and consistent light for each application.

Vibration-Proof & shatter proof

All LED lamps are proven to withstand vibration exceeding 20Gs. Innovative blow molded technology, solder-free interconnects & being constructed of shatterproof plastic and polycarbonate ensure lamps do not shake apart in tough applications.

Flicker-Free & Higher Efficiency

Discomfort and headaches are caused by Flickering due to interruptions and variations in the light output. Unique electronic architecture used in our lamps eliminates any visible flicker. Lamps minimize heat loss resulting in reduced energy loss due to built-in sensors that allow the lamp to intelligently manage its own operating temperature.

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